Middle School Courses

Core Content Classes: All MS students take Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish courses.

Eighth graders may be selected to take an English I, Algebra I, French I or Spanish I course for HS credit (criteria for that course are available in the counseling office). In addition to those courses, all students have two different specials/elective courses.


*Students who need additional support in math or language arts will not necessarily be scheduled in electives all year. Our academic intervention times are also scheduled during these times. If your child is one of those selected for intervention, you will be notified by school personnel.

5th graders - Physical education three days a week all year; Music (band/general music-choir combination) two days a week all year; Half of the fifth grade will have computers for five days a week for one semester; the other half of fifth graders will have art. Students will take the opposite course as sixth graders.

6th graders - Physical education one semester, two days a week all year; Music (band/general music-choir combination) three days a week all year; half of the sixth graders will have computers for a semester five days a week; the other half of sixth graders will have art.

7th graders - Physical education one semester and Spanish one semester; during their second elective time, students may select band, choir or a quarterly rotation of art, technology education (woodshop), life skills, and computers.

8th graders - Students who meet requirements may choose from the following: French I or Spanish I (full year HS Credit); all students may choose from the following courses: band (full year), art, physical education (Advanced or traditional), choir, life management, technology education(woodshop) or computers.