Harper Creek Middle School came in to existence in September of 2005.  The school, previously known as Harper Creek Junior High School and located at the corner of Beadle Lake Road and B Drive North, included grades 7-8, and the elementary schools housed grades K-6.  In the fall of 2005, fifth and sixth graders moved from Beadle Lake Elementary, Sonoma Elementary, and Wattles Park Elementary to the newly renovated Harper Creek Middle School.  Beginning in the fall of 2006, grades 5-8 are now all housed in the Harper Creek Middle School (the old Harper Creek High School building).

Harper Creek Middle School is a positive learning environment designed to address the needs of fifth through eighth grade students.  Our middle school provides students with many opportunities to develop academic skills, acquire fundamental knowledge, determine their interest and special talents, and experience a sense of belonging.  We focus on helping students satisfy their need for close relationships with teachers and friends, while moving toward greater independence.  Students do this with the understanding support of professional educators who recognize and respond to their individual needs.